What you’ll do as an Aceso home care assistant

A job as a home care assistant with Aceso is a varied and rewarding role.

You will be visiting clients in their own home, perhaps preparing food, giving medication, providing personal care or just companionship, taking people out and about, or running errands. At the same time, you’ll be getting to know each client as an individual, making a personal connection and building trust.

Your visits may be the highlight of the day for the people you see - and for those who sit alone for long hours, the visits could even be life-changing.


Delivering care packages

Every client has an agreed care package. A visit could include specific tasks such as helping with a shower, changing the bed or doing the shopping. Sometimes, you might just be checking in to make sure the person is OK. And sometimes, you might simply need to be there to give a family carer a break.

Helping with the little things

Often, little things can make a big difference. When you write and post a birthday card for a client with arthritic hands who can’t hold a pen firmly, or phone to make a bill payment for someone who can’t hear well, you’re taking away worry and making normal life possible.

Being part of a professional team

For each client, you’ll be part of a small Aceso team. You may also be liaising with other social and health care professionals. So good record-keeping and communication are vital, to make information is passed on and every client gets the care they need.

Supporting families

As you develop in the role, you’ll also find yourself providing both information and emotional support and comfort to families. This support can be critical where families are seeing their loved one struggle with the symptoms of progressive conditions such as dementia.

Helping develop our business

On top of your work with clients, you will also have the chance to be involved in developing our business. We recognise that our front-line carers know best what clients want and need, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to contribute ideas and suggestions.

Feeling motivated and valued

Every day and every care visit will be different. Some will be tough, others joyous. But you will always be able to get out of bed knowing you’ll be helping people in need – and go home happy you’ve put a smile on someone’s face.

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