Companionship (social care)

Aceso’s companionship service offers company and friendship. If you spend much of your time alone, an Aceso companion will give you a link to the outside world and help you feel less isolated. With companionship from Aceso, life gets better. You’ll have someone to chat to, someone to share activities with, someone to take you out and about.

What companionship can include

With our companionship service, it’s completely up to you how you spend the time.

Ideas include:

  • Going out and about
  • Sharing hobbies and crafts and playing board games
  • Reading you books and newspapers
  • Cooking and eating together
  • Discovering the world through your computer or smart phone
  • Discussing current/historical events
  • Recording family history

Of course, there’s no pressure to do anything active at all. If you simply want a listening ear and a chat over a cup of tea, that’s fine too! Any session can combine companionship with personal care or home help support, giving you complete all-round support and care.

Who is companionship for?

Companionship is for anyone who wants to spend less time alone. People come to us for all sorts of reasons. They may, for example, have lost a partner, they may have no family nearby or find that family members are too busy to visit much, or they may have become isolated because of poor health.

Emotional support

When you’re feeling low, companionship visits can make a huge difference. Our care assistants are kind and compassionate, and keen to help in whatever way they can. You can talk to them about your worries and concerns, and know that they will listen and support you.

Trips out

New shoes, a visit to the cinema, or a drive in the country – wherever you fancy going, we can organise the trip and help you to manage as needed while we’re out. Staff may drive you in their own car (covered by insurance), or we can arrange a taxi. We can even accompany you on holiday!
"We are very happy with the care and attention my mother gets from the carers, we are happy with the service provided and they can cope with my mum's needs. Wished we had used them from day one, as not happy with another company used. Also would like to say the agency staff you employed were very good also."
I.B. Client

Trusted friends

You’ll have a small team of companions who become trusted friends. People you look forward to seeing because you know they will cheer up your day. People you can chat to, have fun with, and share news and stories with.


What companionship care costs

The cost of companionship care depends on what you would like us to do. We will explain costs clearly and put the details in writing so you can decide what is right for you. We can also advise on social care funding.

Arrange a care consultation

The best way to see how our companionship service could work for you is to arrange for a free no-obligation care consultation. One of our senior staff members will visit you at a time that is convenient to you and discuss your care and wellbeing needs, and advise on the most suitable options and costs.

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