Support for people with disabilities

Aceso’s committed disability support workers can give you freedom and independence, helping you live a full and active life. Whether you have a physical disability or a learning disability, we can provide support workers and personal assistants dedicated to making it possible for you to live the life you want. Where many care agencies only work with older people, we work with adults of all ages, including young people moving into adulthood.

Your choice of support arrangements

Our service is flexible. Choose the arrangements that suit you best, from perhaps half day a week to go out and about, to full days every day, overnight stays or live-in care.

Support for learning disabilities

We can provide support for a range of learning disabilities, including Down’s syndrome and autistic spectrum disorders. From housework to cooking and tasks such as paying bills, we can help you manage independently and learn new skills. We can also go out and about with you, so you can go to work or college and enjoy social activities and exercise.

Support for physical disabilities

Slotting in with individual lifestyles, our personal assistants help people with physical disabilities manage work and home responsibilities and enjoy a full range of activities. Assistants are trained in relevant practical techniques, such as lifting and the use of hoists, as well as in handling typical day-to-day challenges.

A lifeline for the recently disabled

If you are recently disabled, you’ll find Aceso personal assistants a valuable source of both practical and emotional support. They will be by your side every step of the way, helping you solve problems, rebuild confidence, and achieve goals.

Your personal support worker team

You will have the support of a small team of support workers covering all the hours you need support. In most cases, we provide a main support worker who you see most, with others to fill additional shifts and provide back up during holidays and sickness. Whenever you need support, one of your own personal team is there for you.
"During the period you have looked after my father. The service you have provided has been exceptional and has been of great comfort to my father and family at this difficult time. The care and dedication your whole team has provided has been very thorough and of an exceptionally high standard enabling my father to keep his dignity. Knowing your team will be there for my father as his needs are growing is very reassuring. May we just say a big thank you."
R.S. Client

Matching clients and support workers successfully.

When you first approach us, we start by learning about you, your wishes, needs and goals. This way, we can find support workers with relevant experience (where needed) who will fit into your life and become valued friends. The longer clients and support workers work together, the better they get to know each other and the more effective the support can be.

Help to meet your goals

Whatever you want to achieve, we’ll support you to do it. Work, study, adventures, or simply managing day-to-day home and social activities: our support workers will provide all the practical help you need to overcome obstacles and make the most of what life has to offer.

Employment arrangements taken care of

Ask us to provide support, and we take care of all the employment arrangements. There’s no need for you to advertise for the role, interview people, sort out wages and insurance or manage any employment issues. In the unlikely event of any problems, we’ll deal with the situation.

What our support workers cost

The cost of our support workers depends on your needs. We will give expert advice and explain options and costs clearly, so you can choose the right arrangements.

Arrange a support consultation

The best way to see how our support could work for you is to arrange for a free no-obligation consultation. One of our senior staff members will visit you at a time that is convenient to you and discuss your support needs, and advise on the most suitable options and costs.

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