Understanding care

The world of care services can be confusing. We’ve put together some useful information to help you understand what’s available and make decisions.

•  Understanding adult care services

•  Understanding care services

•  Paying for home care

•  Care at home – an alternative to a care home?

•  Questions to ask when deciding on home care


Understanding adult social care services

Adult social care services support people who are finding it hard to manage everyday tasks. The arrangements are different for those with more complex health needs, who are likely to have continuing healthcare organised and funded by the NHS.

Depending on your financial circumstances, your local council may contribute towards paying for your care. Whether or not you need council help to pay for the care, your local council can assess your care needs and advise you about sources of support.

Councils often use private firms to provide their services rather than employing care staff directly themselves. Most private firms that work with councils also work directly with clients.

Approaching a private firm

If you decide to go direct to a private firm, it’s important to be sure the care package you get is right for you.

At Aceso, we always provide a full care needs assessment, give expert advice about options, and explain costs clearly. You will know exactly what we are offering and what you will pay. If you want a care and financial needs assessment from the council, we can arrange this for you.


Council care needs assessments

Council care needs assessments are carried out by social workers. They look at what you can and can’t do and how you want care to help you. Anyone can have a care needs assessment, regardless of financial circumstances.

Following the assessment, the social worker will provide advice and suggestions for sources of support, including private businesses and community organisations. They may also refer you to free council services that provide help with equipment and reablement.

Council social care support

‘Social care support’ is the term for further help councils give to people whose care needs meet certain eligibility criteria. This help includes making a care plan with you and reviewing this regularly to make sure your needs are being met.

You are likely to be eligible for social care support if physical or mental impairment is having a significant impact on your wellbeing, and you are unable to manage two or more personal care needs such as washing, dressing or keeping your home clean and safe.


Council social care plans

If you are eligible for social care support, a social worker will work with you to develop a detailed care plan. The plan will set out what your needs are and how best to meet them. You can then either choose service providers (such as Aceso Home Care) yourself or let the council make the arrangements.

The council will also provide a figure for what it will cost to meet your support needs. This figure is based on what they would pay if they bought the services themselves. It is the normally the maximum amount the council can contribute if you are entitled to financial help.

Financial assessments

Alongside the care assessment, the council will carry out a financial assessment to see how much you must contribute to the cost of your care. See paying for care to find out more.

Find out more

Our friendly team are always happy to help answer questions and provide information. We can also arrange council assessments.

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