Personal care

Aceso personal care services cover all the essential personal care tasks of daily life, helping you manage independently in your own home.

Support that sees you through the day

Our fully-trained carers can support you with whatever personal care you need throughout the day, from helping you get up in the morning to settling you in bed at night. You can combine personal care with home help tasks and social care, for all-round support to keep you independent.


What personal care includes

Personal care covers a wide variety of tasks and activities.

Things we can help with include:

  • Washing, shaving and hair care
  • Help to get up, get dressed, and have breakfast
  • Medication reminders and help to take medicines
  • Encouragement and help with exercise
  • Trips to the toilet or help to use a commode
  • Continence care
  • Mealtime visits
  • Support for physical disabilities
  • Bedtime routines

And much more!

Note that our staff are not medically qualified. Though they are trained in medication awareness and can help with taking medicines correctly and safely, they cannot help with medical treatments and tasks such as injections and applying dressings.

Care visits that meet your needs

We’ll arrange your care visits around you. Our starting point is always an expert assessment of your needs and how we can best help. You might need only a few visits each week, or you might need 3 or 4 visits every day. We will agree what our carers will do, when they will come, and how long they will stay.

A welcome visitor

Your carers will become welcome visitors in your home, brightening up the day with a friendly smile and a chat. They are trained in all aspects of personal care, including moving and handling, health and safety, and medication awareness. They will always find out how you want things done, and will make sure you feel comfortable even in the most sensitive personal care situations.

What personal care visits cost

The cost of our personal care service depends on what you need. We will explain costs clearly and put the details in writing so you can decide what is right for you. We can also advise on social care funding.

Arrange a home care consultation

The best way to see how our home care could work for you is to arrange for a free no-obligation care consultation in your own home. We will visit you at a time that is convenient to you and discuss your care and wellbeing needs, and advise on the most suitable options and costs.

Call us today on 01270 629761.

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