Questions to ask home care companies

Home care companies that offer similar services can be very different under the surface. Here is a list of questions you can ask to find out more about the quality of the service offered.

Questions about carers

  1. How will you match carers to my needs?
  2. Do you interview all recruits and take up references?
  3. What do you look for when you are recruiting new carers?
  4. Do recruits have a training and induction period?
  5. What qualifications and experience do carers have?
  6. What sort of ongoing training do carers do?
  7. What happens if I’m not happy with a carer?

Questions about the care

  1. What process do you use to decide what to include in care visits?
  2. How many carers am I likely to see over a week or month?
  3. What happens if a carer can’t get to me at the time expected?
  4. How will carers make sure my privacy and dignity is respected?
  5. How do you make sure that the arrangements continue to meet my needs?
  6. What process do you have for carers to follow if they are worried about me in any way?
  7. What records do you keep of the care provided?

Questions about working with the company

  1. Can I see a copy of your standard contract?
  2. What will your costs be for the services we are discussing?
  3. Do you charge extra on weekends and bank holidays?
  4. How do you make sure care standards stay high?
  5. Do you have testimonials from existing clients?
  6. How do you manage complaints – who can I talk to?
  7. Do you have an out-of-hours contact number for emergencies?

What you are looking for

When you ask your questions, you are looking for confirmation that the company has sound procedures in place and that the carers will be competent to provide the care agreed.

You’re also looking for clarity. It is vital that you understand exactly what you are being offered and how much it will cost before you agree to go ahead.

And finally, you’re looking for reassurance – do you feel comfortable with the answers they give?

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