Care at home – an alternative to a care home?

Can care at home really provide an alternative to a care home? For many people, the answer is yes. Even for those needing high levels of care, home care services can often make it possible to postpone or even avoid a move into residential care.

The benefits of staying in your own home with home care

When you have carers coming to your own home, you can keep control of your life.

You’re able to:

  • Stay in the surroundings you know best and near the people you love
  • Enjoy care one-to-one care tailored to your needs
  • Keep the same routines, such as when you get up and go to bed
  • Choose what you eat and when
  • Stay part of your local community
  • Get support to go out and about when you choose
  • Continue to enjoy your favourite activities, pets and garden

And, of course, you avoid the disruption of moving and settling into a new environment.

"All the staff were extremely kind and gentle with my husband but at the same time very efficient. They were also very friendly and cheerful. We both looked forward to your girls coming as we knew we would receive kindness, cheerfulness and compassion. The family would like to give you all our grateful thanks."
B.Y. Client

How home care could work for you

With a wide variety of home care options available, you can choose what suits you best.

Care visits that see you through the day

With carers visiting your home, you can have one-to-one support at key points through the day, from getting up to settling down for the night and including meal-times. You can arrange visits for the times and durations that suit your schedule.

Night stays

If a reason for considering residential care is that you need support during the night, then overnight home care could be the answer. With a carer staying with you each night, you are safe and secure and know there is someone there when you need them.

Live in care

As care needs grow, residential care can seem like the only option. But live-in care is becoming increasingly popular, and can also be a cost-effective and more relaxed alternative to multiple daily care visits. And by arranging the care through an agency such as Aceso, you can be sure of 24-hour cover.

Cost comparisons

You can cover the cost of multiple daily visits before you find yourself paying anything like the amount residential care would cost. Even live-in care can be surprisingly affordable. Where two people need care, then staying at home with live-in care is likely to be significantly cheaper than paying for residential care.

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