Palliative and end-of-life care

It’s our privilege to help make it possible for people to spend their last weeks or months at home, surrounded by family and friends. Whether you are approaching the end of a long road or have just experienced the shock of a life-limiting diagnosis, our end-of-life care assistants can bring comfort, compassion, and practical assistance. They are trained to manage the physical and emotional care needs of people at the end of their lives and to support families, allowing people to die peacefully and with dignity.

Following your wishes

You are the expert in your own needs, and we’ll respect your wishes at every stage. Aceso carers are there to support you in what you want to do, not to take over or make decisions. We will work with you (and your family, if you want) to create a care plan that sets out exactly how you want your care to be provided.

Living the fullest life

Whatever you want to do and are able to do, your carers will try to help you do it. You can enjoy the activities and people that matter to you, giving family and friends happy memories to take into the future.

Keeping you comfortable

From keeping you clean and fresh to moving you carefully as needed, your carers will make sure you stay as comfortable as possible. They are also trained in specialist palliative care techniques, to ease your body through the final days.

Flexible care arrangements

Our care arrangements are flexible, and include both overnight stays and live-in care. We’re also happy to increase the amount of care provided as the need becomes greater.

Making arrangements

It can be hard for families to talk with a loved one about what happens as death approaches and after they die. Our care assistants can step in, helping you set out your wishes, make funeral plans and other arrangements, and sort out paperwork.
"My mother in law was cared for by Aceso in the last 5 months of her life during treatment for cancer. All the carers were so kind and obviously loved what they did. Without their help, my mother in law couldn't have stayed at home and would have had to go into a nursing home. They were also a big support to me, both mentally and physically, in my caring role for which I am so grateful."

Supporting families

At the same time as caring for the individual, our care assistants often become an invaluable source of support for family members. They are helpful advisers and good listeners – and they always have a tissue handy. Knowing that specialist support is at hand when needed, families can focus on making the most of the precious last days.

Providing information

As the end comes closer, our carers can provide information about the dying process, helping both families and individuals understand what is happening and what to expect. For many people, this knowledge is a source of comfort and reassurance.

What end-of-life care costs

The cost of end of life care depends on what you need. We will discuss options and give clear pricing so you can decide what’s right for you. We can also advise on social care funding.

Arrange a care consultation

The best way to find out more about our end-of-life care is to arrange for a free no-obligation consultation. One of our senior staff members will visit you at a time that is convenient to you and discuss your care and wellbeing needs, and advise on the most suitable options and costs.

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