Home Care Visits

With Aceso home care visits, people can live well in their own homes and avoid or delay the need for residential care.

Visits can include any combination of personal care, domestic tasks or companionship support.

Our clients range from young adults with disabilities ready to be independent, to older people needing help to continue living in the homes they love.


Home care visit options

It’s completely up to you to decide when you want us to come and how long you need us for. For many people, short daily visits are the answer. For others, a longer session once or twice a week might be the best option. Night stays offer reassurance to families and individuals, whilst live-in care provides complete support and an alternative to residential care even for those with greater care needs.

What happens during a home care visit

What happens during your visits will depend on what’s in your personal Care Plan. Care Plans outline what we agree with you about what you want help with. You get a copy of the plan, as does every carer who works with you. We review the plans regularly, and you can ask for changes at any time.

Tracking what we do

At every visit, carers note down in the plan when they came and what they did, and you sign to confirm the details are correct. Our senior staff check these logs regularly. We ask you to let us know straightaway about any concerns so we can address them and make any changes necessary to improve your care experience.
"My 97-year-old mother-in-law came to stay with us for a break she had never had care before and was very resistant but it really worked out, better than we ever imagined. Everything was set up to suit and fit in with us, even though it was a temporary arrangement. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aceso Home Care and will be definitely using them again when my mother-in-law comes again in a couple of months. The carer we had was amazing, so much so my mother-in-law looked forward to her coming and really enjoyed her visits, which was something we would never have imagined at the beginning. "

Well-trained carers

Aceso carers all go through our carefully-designed 12 week training programme. The programme includes 19 modules, covering topics such as privacy and dignity; fluids and nutrition, and infection prevention and control. With our support, all new carers then work for professional care qualifications (if they do not already have them). On top of this, we provide ongoing professional development for staff, with regular training sessions on specialist topics.

Consistent care teams

Depending on how much care you need and the type of support you are looking for, you’ll have either a main carer or a small team of regular carers. We keep care teams as consistent as possible, so you can get to know and trust everyone who visits. When we need to bring in a different carer, we will introduce them beforehand wherever possible. If your normal carer is not able to attend at short notice, we will always phone to let you know who to expect instead.

Arrange a home care consultation

The best way to see how our home care could work for you is to arrange for a free no-obligation care consultation in your own home. We will visit you at a time that is convenient to you and discuss your care and wellbeing needs, and advise on the most suitable options and costs.

Call us today on 01270 629761.

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